Creating Consistent Social Media Branding

Because social media channels are popular mainstream communication outlets and convenient ways to reach a target audience, many RDs are putting valuable time and energy into creating online platforms to build their businesses and brands. But with the oversaturation of nutrition-related pages and ever-changing algorithms, it can be difficult to turn random exposures to their pages and profiles into repeated visits.

Creating a consistent brand, look, and feel is paramount when attempting to increase engagement and gain a captive audience. The following tips and tools can help anyone from the new nutrition business owner to the seasoned entrepreneur do just that.

• Choose a consistent color scheme. Pick complementary colors that you can use for web design, social media graphics, and photography. Consider a neutral color or textile paired with a more vibrant or recognizable hue—such as white marble with navy, or natural wood with sage green—and look for props in those colors that can be incorporated into brand imaging.

• Select complementary fonts that are easily accessible across platforms. Go to Google Fonts for suggestions on fonts that pair well together. Choose a bold, unique, easily recognizable font for your brand logo, blog headings, and graphics, then use a simple and easy-to-read font for key messages. Use these fonts on your website, and then find identical or similar options for consistency on social media outlets.

• Keep graphics simple and easy to read. Visuals that are clean and uncluttered can help draw attention to one key message and enable your audience to associate your brand with a certain logo, color scheme, or style technique. Look at the same graphic on different browsers and social media platforms, making sure to optimize resolution and font size for each of them.

• Edit photography with a consistent look and feel. White balance, exposure, contrast, and saturation are elements that should be consistent across all marketing images. Ideally, your audience will come to recognize a photo as content from your specific brand. Purchasing Adobe Lightroom or downloading the free VSCO photo editing app will help keep your images cohesive.

• Use free graphic design apps and planning tools to keep your content unique and consistent. Canva is a free graphic design tool that enables you to create marketing messages in the templates they provide that are optimized for all social media platforms, e-mail, and print media. The free Planoly, Later, and Preview apps allow you to schedule Instagram posts and design unique Instagram pages. All of these tools can be used via mobile app or on a desktop computer.

By implementing any or all of the above strategies, RDs can create incredible brands that can become easily recognized across all media platforms.

— Whitney Reist, RD, is a culinary dietitian with professional training from Le Cordon Bleu. She specializes in recipe development and food photography, and provides personal chef services to her local community in the greater Nashville area. Reist loves to share recipes and inspiration for gaining confidence in the kitchen through her food blog, Her husband, who’s also a dietitian and fellow foodie, recently joined her in completing the Master Gardener program through the University of Tennessee. On any given weekend, you can find them gardening, grilling, practicing photography, and trying out new restaurants.

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