About the RD Lounge

Remember when you were in school and there was this mysterious “no-kids-allowed” room called the Teacher’s Lounge?  You’d walk past that door between classes, knowing you weren’t allowed in there, and wonder … “What goes on in that room? What do they DO in there?

Of course, as adults, we’ve since learned that the Teachers’ Lounge was a place where professionals went to escape and commiserate with one another. After all, they understood the issues, conflicts, and educational challenges they were facing every day.

With this in mind, Today’s Dietitian created Today’s Dietitian’s RD Loungea blog written for and by RDs. The blog serves as an online safe haven where nutrition professionals can read about the opinions and insights of fellow colleagues and comment on them from the RD’s point of view.

With topics geared specifically to RDs rather than to general consumers, this blog is separate and distinct from any other in dietetics. Topics may include, but are not limited to, professional development, clinical skills, nutrition education, culinary skills, supplements, fitness, nutrition news, sustainability, career opportunities, precepting, reimbursement, and telenutrition.

Our network of bloggers are all RDs offering thoughts and philosophies that represent the many different facets of nutrition and dietetics. They also post about real-life experiences, successes, and overcoming challenges. What this impressive and diverse group of professionals all have in common is a passion for the profession, an adherence to science, interesting experiences to share, and expertise to impart.