FNCE®: A Week-by-Week Prep Guide

Ready or not, another FNCE® season is upon us! Whether you’re you a FNCE® pro or a newbie, all attendees can benefit from some personal prep work these next few weeks. Get the most of your time at the biggest nutrition event of the year with a little planning.

1 Month in Advance

Website, Marketing Material, and Social Media Assessment
With all the new people you’ll meet, it’s important to spend some time with your marketing materials to make sure they’re up to date. A few tips:

  • Check that your website contact info is current.
  • Assess website pages, info, photos, and links for updates.
  • Update and print new marketing materials if you plan to distribute.
  • Spend time with your social media channels and share handles on your website and with others so they can follow and tag you.

Update and Order New Business Cards
The best part of FNCE® is the networking. Much can change in a year. Make sure you’re distributing the most current info. Don’t go to FNCE® empty handed.

  • Ensure that your business card contact info is current.
  • Make your card stand out. Don’t use a generic template—incorporate elements that distinguish you and your brand.
  • Order twice as many cards as normal—and don’t forget to pack them.

Make a Date
Are you looking to connect with colleagues or brands at FNCE®? Now is the time to start contacting those folks to get on their calendar. Those four days are packed with events, so available meeting time will be limited.

3 Weeks in Advance

Create a FNCE® Calendar
Create a special calendar just for FNCE®. It’s easy to RSVP to events, only to find out you’ve overlapped several commitments at the same time. Start plugging sessions, meetings, and networking events into your calendar. When the app becomes available, add sessions and reminders to your smartphone calendar. Prioritize as you get closer to the conference.

RSVP and Register for Events
The Academy, DPGs, and Affiliates all host special events throughout the conference. Many have RSVP deadlines and can sell out quickly. Once registered, add the event to your FNCE® Calendar. If you decide not to attend, contact the event organizer, as there may be a waiting list.

2 Weeks in Advance

Time for New Shoes
Attending sessions at FNCE® involves lots of walking so comfy shoes are mandatory. If you don’t have any, now is the time to buy a new pair and break them in.

1 Week in Advance 

Make Sleep Your #1 Priority
FNCE® involves early mornings and long nights. If there are several people sharing a room, take into account earlier wake up times to accommodate getting ready. A few extra hours of sleep this week is crucial.

Packing Essentials
The conference is business casual, with the occasional nice dinner, gala, or fitness event. Consult your FNCE® Calendar for the events you plan to attend. When packing, consider outfits that can transition easy from day to night. Often there’s little time to change before evening events start. And don’t forget to pack those business cards.

Leave Room in Your Suitcase
The best part of FNCE® is all the Expo swag. If you can barely close your suitcase before leaving, bring bigger luggage or an extra duffle bag to take items home.

Confirm Travel Plans
Check flights. Confirm travel times with roommates. Book transportation to and from the airport. Don’t get caught off guard when you’re ready to leave.

What are some of your FNCE® prep tips? Share them with your colleagues in the comments section. I’d like to hear from you!

— Mandy Enright, MS, RDN, RYT, is the owner of Team with ME: Nutrition & Fitness Consulting, a communications and corporate wellness company based at the Jersey Shore. She’s the creator and author of the couples nutrition blog, Nutrition Nuptials ( A former advertising executive, Mandy combines her business expertise with nutrition knowledge to assist colleagues in building their businesses through branding, advertising, and relationship skills. Learn more about Mandy at and follow her on social media @mandyenrightRD.

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